Is your why, their why?

Why does your why never become their why?

“Not worth it- at all”


  • policies change biweekly without warning
    •you’re told as a store manager to consider your store “your business” to run, but you are micromanaged at every level
    •no say when it comes to staffing or training. Was given a new cashier and told I had to make her manager material within the month.
    •quality employees are taken advantage of; my assistant manager was pulled out of my store and every week was promise he’d be back the week after and so on.
    •higher up individuals will actively sabotage you and there is nothing you can do about it
    •the “6 month list” is the running list they have of all of the people they plan to fire within 6 months
    •salaried employees are mandated to work overtime without compensation-
    •turnover rate is 50% because they put people in positions they are not qualified for with little no guidance.

Advice to Management

It’s cheaper to retain and retrain current employees than it is to go on a hiring spree every 3 months. When people get fired by this company there is a consensus that it is the best thing that has happened to them, red flag? If you need something short term for money, then this company is great. But if you are looking to grow, look elsewhere.


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