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Listening Skills

Stephen Covey said it best. "Most people do not listen with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to reply." How do you listen to your team? Your children? Your spouse? Are you listening to understand - or are you think about your answer? The typical human can talk 225 words a minute. [...]

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What does this say about this team?

First thoughts? Winning the game? Look at your office? Your desk? Meeting rooms - before you get there and after you leave? I played for a coach who was fanatical about the dugout. He coached us to respect not only the game and our opponents but also any field we got to play on. He [...]

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Have a seat

Buy my food product and have a seat... When do business owners stop seeing the forest for the trees? If this was a one time occurrence, or a quick fix until a repair could be made, I could understand. However this is present in almost every one of this brands locations that I visited and [...]

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Bigger Better Stronger

There will always be a team that has players who are bigger, better and faster than yours. Does that mean you have little chance of winning? It depends. Does your team want to win or do they just want not to lose? The difference in the mindset is huge. Ever watched a game and a [...]

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Swing at Strikes

Standing on the sidelines of a recent youth baseball game I heard the phrase "Swing at Strikes"over and over from a coach. I could only imagine what the young batter was thinking. "No coach I am going to swing at the ball over my head." Of course the batter wants to swing at strikes. They [...]

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