What does this say about this team?

First thoughts? Winning the game? Look at your office? Your desk? Meeting rooms - before you get there and after you leave? I played for a coach who was fanatical about the dugout. He coached us to respect not only the game and our opponents but also any field we got to play on. He [...]

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Swing at Strikes

Standing on the sidelines of a recent youth baseball game I heard the phrase "Swing at Strikes"over and over from a coach. I could only imagine what the young batter was thinking. "No coach I am going to swing at the ball over my head." Of course the batter wants to swing at strikes. They [...]

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Don’t GAMBLE with Your Business

Starting a new year is always about new beginnings and starting fresh, but it’s been a few weeks now, so are you sticking to those resolutions? Because if you’re not planning ahead, building a business on strategy and just reacting to the changes your business faces, then you are gambling with your business. Don’t sit [...]

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