Love him or Hate him.

You have to respect what Nick Saban did moments after the historic loss 35-31 to Clemson.

He watched his team give up 28 second half points.

He had to stand on the side lines, knowing he had lost,  as the officials reviewed the on-sides kick and watch Clemson return to the field for the victory foundation. All with :01 left on the clock.

When the final whistle blew it seemed like all of the 74,512 in attendance were on the field.

Alabama was not suppose to lose.

As Brian O’Keefe wrote in an article for Fortune. “Coach Saban has a plan for everything. He has a detailed program for his players to follow, and he’s highly regimented. Above all, Saban keeps his players and coaches focused on execution.”

But few plan on what they will do when they lose.

What Saban did at the end of the game says more about the coach than his record.

He could of looked at all the people on the field, made a half-hearted effort to find Coach Swinney jog to the tunnel and call Coach Sweeney on Tuesday.

Nope, he made his way through the crowd and found the victor to pay his respects.

Love him or hate him – Culture is what you do, not what you say.

What do your actions say about you and your culture?