Management Coaching

Developing great managers can be a difficult task, even for the best of organizations.  In the book “No Bad Team,”  the Coaching Notebook is an invaluable tool for Coach Derrick as he develops himself and his teams.  Our coaches utilize our consultative coaching approach to understand  your management development programs.  We differs from other consultants as we don’t just come in and tell you your problems.  We listen and work with you and your teams to uncover specific issues and opportunities. This partnership allows us to build together your Coaching Notebook. This approach yields  improved management development  and greater accountability within your organization.

As a manager, I’ve often struggled with how best to motivate my team. I have tried both carrots and sticks. My takeaway is there is a better, simpler and easier option. This book really connected with me, and I cannot wait to use want I learned. I am recommending this book to everyone I work with. It’s straightforward message is relatable to all, even if they’re not a sports fan.
Every manager should read No Bad Team