Building A Team [B.A.T]

No team sets out to fail.

However we have met teams that do fail. Why is that? The reasons vary but a way to alter the course and correct it does not.

Today’s organizations face a formidable challenge:

  • Only 32% of US workers are engaged.

Could you imagine coaching a baseball team where only 3 of the 9 players were engaged? How many games would you win? To get today’s workforce engaged, employees require, even demand, to be managed differently. They crave to feel part of a team and need to be coached.

Companies with an engaged workforce achieve 26% greater year over year revenue increase. Transforming a group of employees into a high performing team requires managers to learn a coaching mindset. It’s not taught in school, it’s learned on ballfields, and in our leadership workshop.

Have your team spend a day with our Coaches and see the immediate changes. In the book, “No Bad Team” we see that great teams are not made overnight. They require time and a focus on teamwork and the fundamentals.

This impactful training program will make a difference for your organization.

“Such a strong message delivered in a fun and straight forward manner.”
Jonathan Padnos , President PADNOS