Two years ago the University of Central Florida football team went 0-12.

They hired a new head coach Scott Frost.

One of the first things Coach Frost did was he met with each player individually in his office. He asked each player what they wanted out of the UCF Football program and what they wanted to see changed.

Their answer.

They just didn’t feel like a team.

Coach Frost goal was to not only build a winning football program but he also wanted to create a team and a winning culture.

To accomplish this Coach Frosts main message to his players has been simple.  “Be better than yesterday. Be better than you were last month. Be better than you were last season.”

By working with the individuals he built a team.

In Coach Frosts first season the Golden Knights went 6-7.

This year the UCF Golden Knights went 13-0. Defeating Auburn 34-27 @ the Chick-fil-a Peach Bowl.

On that roster, there were 51 players from the 0-12 team.

Why did they stay?

You would have to ask them.

I bet they would tell you they trusted Coach Frost and felt they were part of a team.

Around the same time, a small company was going through a similar transition.

Poor performance had resulted in a leadership change.

The new leader similar to Coach Frost met with everyone in the organization and asked them what they wanted to change.

What changed?  The biggest change was the noticeable silo building and disengagement across the organization.

This leader was trying to build the team without building trust or having a clear message or direction.

Today less than 20% of the workforce is still present.

Is your team a team? Are your players staying with you? Do they trust you?

It’s hard to build a team if you are not a good coach.

Congratulations to Coach Frost and all the other coaches who are building great teams.